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AB•BC Building is a multifaceted creative space in Bali, fostering global arts, design and culture. As a hub for various creativities, AB•BC Building hopes to work with individuals and collectives that support explorations and innovations in presenting thought-provoking experiences for its audiences through events that activate progress in arts, design and culture.
AB•BC Building "When You Art in Bali" platform focuses on programs that encourage and present imaginative, relevant, and insightful events, which are designed in a variety of ways to reinforce audiences to explore and draw out reactions, as well as feel connected with the presentations. Its programs are tailored for a wide range of people - not exclusively for subjects in the creative fields. Thus, AB•BC Building aspires to create a broader network that would eventually supports not only the development and progress of creativities, but also bridges individuals and collectives interacting with AB•BC Building.

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Be it art, architecture, design, film, music, or fashion and more, AB•BC Building is a hub that not only complements presentations of those industries, but also its setups can be tweaked to suite their concepts.


AB•BC Building is designed with a rectangular indoor space accommodating for theater or performance. With its simple warehouse design, the space is representable to stage theater or performance shows.


The space inside AB•BC Building is responsive to private or public talks / meetings. The indoor space is adaptable to be made into several rooms or areas that can create flows or exclusive quaters.

  • The Building

    Located centrally in Bali's tourism gem district at Nusa Dua resort complex, this versatile creative space nests on a 2000 sqm paved concrete ground with an indoor area covering roughly 1000 sqm. AB•BC Building is wrapped in a clean contemporary design.

    The building's face is designed with two triangular-shape walls overlapping one another and the main structure standing in the back covered with a 30 degree shape roof top. The indoor area houses a large rectangular space accommodating two additional rooms : Management Office and Meeting Room.

  • Its Facilities

    160 pcs panels (120 x 400 cm) for display and space division

    70 pcs of Various types LED Spotlights with fittings

    Sound System {20 pcs Column Speakers, Control and Amplifier, DVD/Mp3 Player Playback}

    Air Conditioned

  • Details

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